Enterprise Redis™ Object Cache for WordPress, made for everyone.

WPCache is a FREEmium Redis object cache plugin for WordPress, written from scratch with raw performance in mind to avoid unnecessary Redis reads and writes and to keep a tiny memory footprints.


WordPress + Redis + WPCache = Rocket
WordPress + Redis + WPCache = SPEED

Save trips to the database with Redis, optimally.

WPCache is yet another Redis object cache plugin for WordPress, except it keeps a tiny memory footprints.

Written for Raw Performance

WPCache is written from scratch by an eCommerce company in Singapore with raw performance in mind.

Object Cache Prefetching & Analytics

Objects are prefetched on `wp_cache_init()` without you noticing and analytics are within Site Health or WP CLI.

Optimized for Broad Compatibility

WPCache is compatible with most WordPress hosting platforms, themes & page builders, plugins, and more.